Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Rule of Tens

I am currently writing a new, longer essay on this concept of the Rule of Tens; however, I thought I’d share the bare bones outline as it should clarify a networking problem and a viable answer. During your lifetime, you’ll meet thousands of people; however, only a small number will become good friends (I use […]

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Interruption Log

  There are three main problems with interruptions. First, they deviate one from primary tasks. Second, they occur rather frequently in the work place. Third, it takes time after the interruption to reorient back to the original task. A variety of studies, such as the one conducted by Professor Gloria Marks on interruptions and the fragmentation of work, […]

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Dreams List

This exercise takes about an hour; however, it is time very well spent. Creating your Dreams List will help clarify many of your life-long objectives. It is a good start to plan the next 30, 40, or 50 years of your life. The goal is to write down everything you would be, do, or have if […]

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The Productivity Formula

Definition The other day, someone emailed me to ask me for my personal definition of ‘Productivity’. Of course, if one looks in the dictionary, you will see that this noun is synonymous with the words ‘output’ and ‘yield’; yet, I do not think that is an adequate explanation. I believe there is a simple way […]

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Write It Down

Have you ever decided to go to the grocery store to purchase a few things that you really needed without creating a shopping list first? While at the store, you might purchase a number of other items; however, when you returned home, you realized that you forgot to pick-up one of the core items. The […]

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