Monthly Archives: September 2017

Happy Birthday, Smiley!

Thirty-five years ago today marks the origin of emoticons and emoji. Since tone is subtle and not always easily transmitted through pure text, Carnegie Mellon University Professor Scott E. Fahlman posted the smiley as a solution to signify humor within messages. On September 19, 1982 at 11:44 AM, he suggested the following on an electronic […]

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Life Management Myth

Myth: Life Management is about Getting Everything Done in Less Time. Life management is not about a frenzied existence. A human life is finite and ‘everything’ cannot fit within it. Selection is of critical importance for Life Management. At one time in my life, I believed the secret to ‘time’ management in this hectic world was simply ‘do more, […]

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Age or Effectiveness?

Today’s entry is about ‘old wine in new bottles’ in a manner of speaking. Myth: None of the Productivity Techniques from the 20th Century Work any Longer. Any body of knowledge is progressive; new ideas build on older concepts. In this respect, Life Management is no different than the fields of Biology or Economics. However, the widely […]

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