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Reverse Tithing

In ancient Babylon, the standard tax was a simple one-tenth of one’s assets were reserved for the state. It was an easy code that anyone could understand and calculate. At a later time, this political idea of giving 10% to a worldly king was transferred to giving that same amount to God (or, more realistically, […]

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Thanksgiving Redux

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Yesterday, I wrote about Positive Psychology and the new science of Gratitude. Today is Thanksgiving Day in the USA and I wanted to expand on my thoughts. Traditionally, on Thanksgiving Day, we enjoy a feast of turkey and pumpkin pie, but more important, this holiday represents the one day of the […]

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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

“Gratitude is the secret to life.” – Albert Schweitzer Researchers within the new field of Positive Psychology have investigated the attitude of gratitude and have scientifically concluded that it can increase personal happiness, overall well-being, satisfaction with life, and physical health. If you would like to learn more about this without having to review all […]

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