Monthly Archives: April 2016

Parallel Tasking

Question: Can you chew gum and walk at the same time?  The problem with multitasking is that the human brain cannot do certain things at the exact same time and able to fully process the information. For example, one could try to read a book and watch TV at the exact same time; however, instead of comprehending […]

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The Task List Magic Number

How many items should a good task list have? I really believe that 7 (plus or minus 2) is the best number. A ‘to-do’ list with 60 items will never get fully completed and one feels defeated when seeing 80% of the tasks as incomplete or not-yet-started at the bedtime. Besides, a big list encourages […]

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Time and Money

I often hear people say “time is money” but this really is not true. Time and money are not interchangeable. Time is much more valuable than money! If you save $100 dollars, you can invest it and watch it grow, doubling, tripling, even becoming worth fifty times the original sum. A $100 saved today can […]

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Goals are Minimums, not Limits

Many people view their goals like speed limits, as if they exist only at the far edge of possibility. Instead, I think one should view a goal more like a minimum…the very least they will accomplish. For example, a sales team might have the following goals: 10 Million in Sales Volume (annual) 12% Margins These […]

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