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Fear vs. F.E.A.R.

Fear is a legitimate emotion and it seems to be part of the human condition as a survival mechanism. Most importantly, it help protect children as it constrains many behaviors that could prove hazardous or fatal at a young age. Nevertheless, many fears are really F.E.A.R or False Evidence Appearing Real. F.E.A.R holds people from […]

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Personal SWOT Analysis

The SWOT technique is credited to Albert Humphrey and has been utilized mostly by business teams for strategic planning; however, this tool can also be used by individuals for focusing on their personalized goals. Strengths: consider personal attributes which will be helpful for achieving your goals. Weaknesses: consider personal attributes that could constrain your likelihood […]

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Proximate/Ultimate Causes

  Cause and effect rarely exist within a simple one-to-one relationship. In fact, most events in history or business are influenced by many factor. One useful distinction for thinking about causation for any phenomenon is proximate vs. ultimate. A proximate cause would be an event which is more immediately responsible for causing an observable outcome. Sometimes this […]

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