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Life is too Short

“Life is too short to be too serious or too foolish.” – Thom Quinn We do not experience time’s arrow as a constant. Instead, it always accelerates: each day it speeds up ever-so-slightly, traveling faster and faster. Additionally, this seemingly rapid ride is also very brief. I think Crowfoot (1830-1890), the great Blackfoot Chief, warrior, […]

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What is Real? Reality 101

The question ‘what is real’ has haunted Western Civilization since Plato wrote about his Allegory of the Cave within The Republic. Epistemology is the sub-discipline of philosophy that examines the nature of knowledge. In simpler terms, it asks the dual questions of ‘how do we know what we know?’ and ‘what is true?’ Is it […]

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The Liar Paradox

The Liar Paradox is a very ancient puzzle that has been reviewed, revised, and discussed by ancient and modern (e.g. Russell, Quine, Kripke, Tarski, Strawson) philosophers without producing a resolution that has satisfied everyone or even the majority. In the absence of an intellectual consensus, a few bold thinkers have claimed that they had the […]

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People are Not Assets

People are our firm’s best assets. This is perennial expression lurking within many company holiday speeches and annual reports. Additionally, it has become a most common CEO cliché. However, this idea is simply not true. People are vital, people are important, but they are definitely not assets. I understand the sentiment; nevertheless, the analogy is plain […]

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