Monthly Archives: September 2015

Better Meetings

In corporate America, few things waste as much potential productive time as meeting. As the poet Lord Bryon wrote ‘Nothing is so difficult as a beginning’ and this applies to meetings as well. A great meeting begins before it begins. How often have you attended a meeting that did not seem to have a purpose, […]

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Promodo: For the Present Moment

Many find etymology an enjoyable activity. I agree. It also can be educational for two reasons. First, it gives a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of language, as it illuminates the origin, history and (sometimes) shifting meaning of certain words, as most have long and distinguished lineages. Second, understanding words can also, on occasion, help […]

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Wisdom of the Hive

Everyone should observe bees to discover their wisdom. These successful insects are truly amazing. One might ask ‘What is the secret to making honey?’ Of course, hard work is involved. I have never heard anyone accuse a bee of being lazy. In fact, we commonly describe an active individual as ‘busy as a bee’. Yet, […]

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Three Simple Rules for Better Living

This will be a very short post to save you time. Tick-Tock! Sometimes our lives become too closely tied to clocks and calendars, resulting in the tyranny of ‘the schedule’ which dictates our lives when we should listen more closely to our bodies and minds. Here are three simple rules to live better: When you […]

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On Excellence

The various measures of central tendency within a normal distribution graph clearly tell us one thing: it is not too hard to be mediocre. The majority of any such population are, by the definition of a normal distribution, at the mean (and, for a true bell curve, the majority of people also lie at the […]

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