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Avoid the 7 + 1 Blunders of the World

Shortly before Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, have gave his grandson Arun Gandhi a short list of errors to avoid. Below is the wisdom he shared with him on their last afternoon together: The Seven Blunders of the World Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without […]

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The Share Diet Plan

This is very simple and it is eating (and fasting) with significance. Here is how it works: Pick one night a week and plan to fast that evening for the next 52 weeks. You should eat a healthy breakfast and lunch that day. Calculate the amount of money you would have spent on dinner for […]

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Email Best Practices

Sometimes, it seems as if an email inbox is a bottomless pit! The good news is that the majority of replies do not need to be masterpieces of prose nor the length of a Victorian novels (although every email should be orderly, neat, and spell-checked). Here a few guidelines for processing your email rapidly. Reply […]

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Seven Keys for Weight Loss

If losing weight is one of your goals, here are seven keys for successful weight loss. Strong Desire – Resolutions are not enough! You need to really want to get healthier. Many people will state they plan to lose weight on January 1, but few will complete the work needed to achieve this after the […]

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Book Recommendation: Six Disciplines for Excellence

Note: this is a re-print of my online book review from August 2, 2006. Since this is such a good book for small businesses and practices ten years later, I have decided to republish it here. I recommend the audio version for sale at Amazon via Audible. Over the past ten years, I’ve read a […]

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