Individual Coaching

My coaching is not for everyone.

It is for honest, successful, and extraordinary leaders who are building a great business or world-class practice and desire to become their best possible self.

I work with high-achievers who are courageous and committed to a vision of something new, something better, something meaningful.

Most coaches only help clients with small tweaks, minor fixes, and incremental improvements; they only assist with the small, safe, and easily achievable goals. If that is what you seek, I am not the coach for you.

I transform lives.

We will work on your inspiring vision and your biggest dreams, the one that keeps you up at night.

I will listen to you in a way no one has before.

Mindful. Attentive. Deep.

I will hear everything you say and do not say: the explicit, the implicit, and the tacit. I promise you will feel heard, really heard, for the first time in your life.

Change can be extremely difficult, but it is required to reach the next stage of success. Yet, you do not need to go through the journey alone.

Just as expert mountaineers rely on Sherpas to assist with the climb while attempting to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, my clients know I will do everything possible to aid you so your goals, dreams, and vision become reality.

My clients understand that I am more than just the typical coach. I will also act as a trusted advisor, a wise consultant, a concerned peer, and a good friend.

I will coach you through exponential self-development, massive changes, and impossible challenges so you may craft the life you really want while expanding the profitability of your business.

The Advisor Coach™ Process

  • Discover


  • Explore


  • Clarify


  • Shift


  • Transform


  • Discover

    We will initially work together to discover where you are in your life journey, where you really want to go, and the main obstacles (both obvious and hidden) in your current path as well as the possible opportunities and desired outcomes. This begins during our initial consultation, the Strategic Discovery Session, via deep listening, powerful questions, and proprietary version of a personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. Your personal values, unique abilities, and current goals are explored during the discovery phase.

  • Explore

    Some good analogies for thinking about a coaching engagement include climbing a high mountain, exploring a thick jungle, or delving into a deep cave. The challenge of self-work and introspection is very real and expert assistance is often required to explore the self beyond the superficial. In this capacity, the coach acts as a Sherpa or guide, helping the client question basic assumptions, analyze old mindsets, and examine current behaviors while gaining a profound understanding of one’s values, relationships, desires, goals, and dreams. This is accomplished with insightful inquiry, powerful questions, assessment tools, an empathic coach, and a supportive and co-active coaching relationship.

  • Clarify

    Imagine how hard it would have been to navigate an 18th-century sailing ship without a rudder to steer, a compass to determine the current direction, or a chart to track where the vessel was going. It would have been nearly impossible to reach a specific port. The same is true with people. While the ultimate goal of coaching is to help the client grow, develop, and change, this requires clearly defined values, mission, goals, and plans. Achieving this clarity of life purpose is the heart of coaching. It is not uncommon for clients to redefine parts of their life with a new focus and strategy during coaching once they have been able to examine the explicit, implicit, and tacit parts of their life.

  • Shift

    The old riddle asks ‘how to do you fill a full cup?’ The answer is you first have to remove some of the old contents. The most difficult thing for humans to do is change. Our psychology and biology are designed to avoid risk, seek safety, and maintain homeostasis. Additionally, cultural traditions, personal beliefs, and old habits are all conservative forces which work to sustain the status quo. While these all exist to help one survive, they are not optimal for one to truly thrive. To advance to the next level of self-evolution, one must shift his/her overall mindset and modify specific behaviors. Even highly successful people can plateau or get ‘stuck’ at a certain point. Coaching is the catalyst for this critical real-world shift.

  • Transform

    Just as an acorn matures into a mighty oak and a caterpillar undergoes a complete metamorphosis into a butterfly, at the end of a masterful coaching engagement, one is no longer the same person as when one began, but closer to one’s best possible self. Family, friends, and colleagues will all notice that you have significantly changed. More importantly, you will experience this transformation and be able to live better every single day moving forward. You will have gained a deep self-awareness that few achieve, be able to think about your mission and goals in new ways, and focus your energy into a whole new set of positive, effective, and productive behaviors that will enable you to achieve your biggest dreams.

Advisor Coach™

Advisor Coach™ is my flagship one-on-one coaching program for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, and Select Professionals. While many people could benefit from this unique program, it was designed specifically for those who are building a great business or world-class practice who wish to focus on personal, professional, and profit development.

Advisor Coach™ is bespoke, deep, transformational executive-style coaching. It is setup like a high-level mastermind group for a single individual.

I help people achieve life-changing results because, like an Olympic coach, I devote many hours to assisting my clients discover, explore, clarify, shift, and transform. The Advisor Coach™ program is not for the timid, the passive, or the faint of heart.

Coaching is conducted via the phone on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Each deep coaching session is two hour long.

Prior to starting an Advisor Coach™ engagement, all clients begin with a face-to-face Discovery Day in Scottsdale, AZ.

Advisor Coach™ Packages:

Diamond Level Coaching Agreement: $150,00

100 hours (Weekly Sessions)

Platinum Level Coaching Agreement: $75,000

50 Hours (Bi-Weekly Sessions)

All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is backed by a full sixty day, ‘No Hassle, 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee’. Afterwards, if you choose to quit for any reasons,  all compensation will go directly to Maverick Coach or to a charity that Thom Quinn supports.

Advisor Coach™ Openings:

At any time, I have less than 10 Advisor Coach™ clients in the due to the time commitment I make to each one of my clients as well as the energy, thought, and resources I dedicated to their unique vision, dreams, and goals. As a result, there is often a short wait list.

My next opening is: September 2018

If you are interested in becoming my next Advisor Coach™ client, please schedule an initial consultation so I can better understand your situation, business, and goals. If I believe I can help you, then I will invite you to begin a life-changing journey in September 2018.


Solution Coach™

Solution Coach™ is a short-term coaching program designed for anyone who wants to solve a major problem or achieve a specific goal. Unlike Advisor Coach™, where multiple personal and business problems are addressed over a year, Solution Coach™ is about working on the thing which would be the highest and best use of your time to achieve a significant, high-impact result.

Past Solution Coach™ clients have hired me to help them with goals, including, but not limited, entering a new market niche, writing a book, losing 50 pounds, finding the ‘perfect spouse’, designing the ultimate advertising campaign, planning a dream wedding, and starting a second business.  What is your big dream?

Solution Coach™ is a 16 week coaching engagement

Coaching is conducted via the phone on a weekly schedule. Each Solution Coach™ session is one hour long.

Solution Coach™ Package

Solution Coach™ Agreement: $25,000

16 hours (Weekly Sessions)

All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session.

Solution Coach™ Openings:

I currently have room for two new Solution Coach clients starting June 2018.

If you are interested, please schedule an initial consultation so we can start a conversation about the problem you would like to solve or the goal you would like to achieve this year.

See below to learn more about the Strategic Discover Session, my Coaching Philosophy, and my Coaching Methodology.

Discovery Session

Discovery Session

Learn More
Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy

Learn More
Coaching Methodology

Coaching Methodology

Learn More

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While my coaching services are available by referral or invitation only, I would like to offer high-performers a complementary membership within my Inner Circle. This gift is exclusively for extraordinary people like yourself who have a big vision and the drive to solve real problems plus achieve ‘impossible’ goals.

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Thom Quinn

Thom Quinn

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