Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Tuesday Tickler

I would like to introduce you to an alternative and unique weekly tickler system: The Tuesday Tickler. It is a very simply system as it consists of 52 folders, each one for a weekly review. It is called a “Tuesday Tickler” as I originally designed it for a client who wanted to check non-critical documents […]

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Stop List Redux

Question: What are your top three time wasters? Most people can identify these relatively easy and rank them from greatest to least. They often include both self-imposed activities (e.g. TV, Internet, Phone) and relationships (e.g. having the same 20-minute conversation daily, interruptions caused by unannounced visits by friends, family, peers, subordinates, and acquaintances). Once you […]

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Authorship Counts

Who is the world’s earliest writer known by name?  I asked this question to a group of very intelligent professionals a few years ago and most suggested either Homer (the name given to the poet or poets who constructed the Iliad and Odyssey) or Moses (tradition states he wrote the first five books of the Jewish Bible). […]

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Just Four Minutes!

What can you with just four minutes? More than you probably think. Since 1954, after Roger Bannister broke the four-minute barrier, many people have run an entire mile in less than four minutes! WOW. Watch that famous race here: Likewise, you can break the four-minute task barrier by being incredible productive with small increments of time. Here are a […]

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