Monthly Archives: November 2015

Values List

Question: Who are you?  I do not mean your name. I mean your beliefs. What are the central values in your life? Create a list of top ten values. For example, many people list things such as God, Family, Wealth, Love, Health, Integrity, etc. Then rank this list. A Values List is useful for making decisions. […]

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How To Say No

A while back, I suggested that a necessary life mastery technique is to learn to say no. Remember: every task, project, or goal comes with an opportunity cost. This means that to achieve X you have to give up focusing on Y. Requests for assistance occur daily. Get in the habit of turning down requests that […]

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Time Boxing

Question: How do you eat a whale?  Answer: One bite at a time! Anytime you decide to focus on a single task, you need to decide if it can be reasonably be finished the same day or if it will take more time. If it is the latter, you may want to consider Time Boxing. Time boxing […]

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Mission Statement

The BIG Question: Why are you here?  To be productive, you must have a mission, a purpose, a reason for being. Otherwise, all your actions could just turn out to be noise. Everyone is unique. Certainly, genetics is part of that; however, the real key is what you choose to do with your life. Mission Statements […]

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