Values List

What Are Your Values
Question: Who are you? 

I do not mean your name. I mean your beliefs. What are the central values in your life?

Create a list of top ten values. For example, many people list things such as God, Family, Wealth, Love, Health, Integrity, etc. Then rank this list.

A Values List is useful for making decisions. This means your top value would supersede all the other values below it. Likewise, your second top value would over-ride any lower ranked values. For example, if Integrity was your top value and Wealth was your second value, if you were offered any easy billion dollar deal, but you knew that it was unfair to others, you would flatly turn it down.

How does a Values List make one productive? Simply, values provide an easy framework to constructing a life and a clear blueprint for decision-making.

Values help insure that your goals, projects, or tasks are well-aligned with your life purpose.