Monthly Archives: February 2016

Happy Leap Day 2016!

My niece was born on February 29, 2012, so, if one were to apply the logic of Gilbert and Sullivan, today she turned one. Lucky for her, unlike Frederic from The Pirates of Penzance, our family celebrated her fourth birthday yesterday with cake, ice cream, and presents galore. This leap day is special for everyone […]

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Simple Filing Systems

Everyone should have their own file system to track paper information that they may need to reference at another time. In fact, most people should probably have two. If you work within an office, it is wise to setup a simple system for your own work-related information; however, I do not advise co-mingling this with […]

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Your Roles List

When you meet someone for the first time, one of the very common questions is simply “what do you do?” This query really means the following: what do you do to earn your income? The expected reply would be to explain you are a primarily a butcher, baker, or candlestick-maker, etc. Yet, this response is […]

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Clean Your Inbox Too

Last week, I discussed the importance of cleaning your desk. The rule for keeping a clean desk holds true for the physical inbox on your desk too (and your email inbox as well). First, if you do not have an inbox on your desk, make sure you get one. Second, I highly recommend keeping an […]

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Clean Your Desk

Remember: your desk (or general work area) is not the following: A Filing Cabinet A Bookshelf A Tickler System A Junk Drawer A Trash Can It should be used for active tasks and project!  Entropy is a strong force and it is much, much easier to spend your energy making messes than it is to […]

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