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The Four Word Diet, Part 2

Is there an easy, affordable, and effective way to implement the Four Word Diet? I think so. Yet, this is no free lunch (pardon the pun). It does require an investment of time, energy, and thought. Eat Less Reducing the number of calories one ingests on a daily basis can be achieved without beginning a […]

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The Four Word Diet, Part 1

This formula will never result in a best-selling diet book, but here is <drum roll, please> the Four Word Diet: Eat Less, Move More.  Although some charlatans will always be peddling magic potions and so-called ‘super-scientific’ methods for shedding pounds, Caveat Emptor. There are three main ways to lose weight: You can eat less (e.g. […]

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The Share Diet Plan

This is very simple and it is eating (and fasting) with significance. Here is how it works: Pick one night a week and plan to fast that evening for the next 52 weeks. You should eat a healthy breakfast and lunch that day. Calculate the amount of money you would have spent on dinner for […]

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Seven Keys for Weight Loss

If losing weight is one of your goals, here are seven keys for successful weight loss. Strong Desire – Resolutions are not enough! You need to really want to get healthier. Many people will state they plan to lose weight on January 1, but few will complete the work needed to achieve this after the […]

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The Three Apple Diet Plan

The old saying is ‘An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.’ Well, I believe this proverb may require a 21st century update as three daily apples can be used as a simple weight loss tool as well as a method for optimizing overall health and physical well-being. The data is clear: apples are a […]

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