The Four Word Diet, Part 2

Chalkboard stating Eat Less Move More

Is there an easy, affordable, and effective way to implement the Four Word Diet? I think so. Yet, this is no free lunch (pardon the pun). It does require an investment of time, energy, and thought.

Eat Less

Reducing the number of calories one ingests on a daily basis can be achieved without beginning a strict regimen. How? Simply reduce the portion of the food you currently eat at each meal. Start with 10% less. A balanced diet is the next step. I highly suggest eliminating fast food and striving to eat, at minimum, 5 fresh fruits or vegetables a day.

Move More

One of the best solutions does not require a gym membership, but will require a small investment of about $30 dollars and is available to the vast majority of people: Manpo-kei. I’m talking about walking! This Japanese word literally translates to “10,000 steps meter” and this means you’ll need to purchase a reliable pedometer to measure the numbers of steps you take. In addition, I highly suggest you keep a daily journal or log this within a spreadsheet to count the number of steps you take daily with the goal of gradually increasing this number to 10,000 a day. This can be done by increasing the number of steps by 20% a week from your initial count or by adding 500 more steps every two weeks.

Is 10,000 a magic number? Not really. It is a useful one and an easy to remember number. Although every person has an individual stride length, 2000 steps is approximately equal to a single mile, so 10,000 steps equals five miles or so. Although every person has a different metabolism, walking a mile typically burns 100 calories, so, walking 10,000 steps is the equivalent (give or take a few) of burning 500 calories. WOW. And while you walk, you can enjoy nature, think about the mysteries of the universe, or listen to educational programs/audiobooks/music via headphones. If you walk with a friend or loved one, you can have a meaning conversation while staying healthy together.

Two experts and researchers in this field provide the following Lifestyle Guidelines:

< 5,000 Steps: Sedentary

5,001 – 7,499: Low Active

7,500 – 9,999: Somewhat Active

> 10,000: Active

> 12,500: Highly Active

Tudor-Locke, C., & Bassett, D.R. Jr. (2004). How Many Steps/Day Are Enough? Preliminary Pedometer Indices for Public Health. Sports Medicine, 34(1): 1-8.

Bottom Line

The Four Word Diet is very possible, but it is a choice and requires consistent action and cannot be a ‘part time’ endeavor. Also, I strongly suggest that before beginning ANY weight loss program that you first consult with your primary physician or a heath care professional. Also, if you would like some additional assistance with losing weight, including personal or group coaching, please head on over to for more information.