Seven Keys for Weight Loss

Woman Losing WeightIf losing weight is one of your goals, here are seven keys for successful weight loss.

  1. Strong Desire – Resolutions are not enough! You need to really want to get healthier. Many people will state they plan to lose weight on January 1, but few will complete the work needed to achieve this after the first week of the year. Without passion for this plan, it will be hard to put forth the effort that is required.
  2. A Clear Goal – ‘How Much?’ is an important question. Decide exactly what your ideal weight is before you begin!
  3. Realistic Deadlines – Determine by when you’ll complete this life enhancing journey; however, do not try to do too much too soon. Be reasonable when setting targets.
  4. An Effective Plan – You need to find a reliable methodology that works for you which includes both a better diet and increased levels of exercise.
  5. Systemic Measurement – You need to keep score. Weigh yourself at least once week. Every day is fine as long as you realize that there will be minor fluctuations. Keep track of your progress over time.
  6. Public Declaration – Diets are not secrets. Share your plan to improve your health, especially with those whom you often dine.
  7.  A Support Group is KEY – Look to family and friends to assist with your plan. Ask them to keep your honest during meals and not to tempt you with treats or snacks. Find diet partners to work on this together. Another strategy is to hire a coach to keep you accountable.