Monthly Archives: May 2015

Intensity with Direction

A layman’s definition for the term┬ávelocity might be speed with direction. What is the velocity of your life? Which way are you going and how fast? Consider a car. If it is going in the right direction, but only traveling at 1 mile an hour, it has a low velocity. If the same auto has […]

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Content and Context

In the digital word, many people claim that “content is king” as good information is vital to a great product, service, or marketing piece. However, this is only half the equation. Context is equally important. They are two-sides of the same coin. Let me demonstrate what I mean with a simple sentence: Woman without her […]

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Create a Legacy List

This is new exercise I developed for someone who was having a hard time thinking of long term goals. Take a few minutes and consider these questions: You are 100 years old and on your deathbed. You have lived a full life and are satisfied with your personal and professional accomplishment. What legacy would you […]

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2015: Thirty Five Percent Over!

Reminder: today is the 126th day of the years, meaning in two days, 35% of the year will have already passed. Of course, if you are behind on your goals, do not worry, you still have sixty-five percent of 2015 remaining to accomplish something very meaningful. Nevertheless, time flies fast. Time, like water, can pass […]

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