Content and Context

ContextIn the digital word, many people claim that “content is king” as good information is vital to a great product, service, or marketing piece. However, this is only half the equation. Context is equally important. They are two-sides of the same coin.

Let me demonstrate what I mean with a simple sentence:

Woman without her man is nothing.

Wow. You might be thinking: I cannot believe he has such a sexist comment on his blog….or is it? I am sure many of you read it this way: Woman, without her man, is nothing. Yet, is this the only context? With a few dots of punctuation, I will illustrate the correct context to consider this statement:

Woman: without her, man is nothing.

You need not agree with either statement to understand my point. If “content is king” then “context is key” as both are needed to successful communicate the meaning of an idea.