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Perhaps this is a legacy of being raised in Wisconsin which was known as America’s Dairyland when I was growing up; however, here is my new favorite word: tyromancy. It means to divine the future by studying the patterns that form during the coagulation of cheese! Every now and then, I see house with a […]

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One Day, Two Views

“There is nothing either good or bad – but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare Our interpretation of events is often more important that the events by themselves. To illustrate this point, I will highlight a day I had some years ago while traveling from Switzerland to the United States Viewpoint 1: I had […]

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Try Wildstorming

Wildstorming is a group activity I developed in 2000; it is true play that leads to new breakthroughs, enhanced productivity, and better teams. I’d love for more people to take advantage of it. 

Wildstorming is the radical cousin of traditional brainstorming, as it turns the process upside-down and inside-out, where strange and bizarre concepts are the […]

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Effect Size

Q: What would be a simple way to increase the likelihood that published scientific research is meaningful? A: Effect Size I believe many peer-reviewed scientific journals should require that the researchers do more than report if a correlation between variables has been detected and it is indeed statically significant (which simply means that the result […]

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Multifinality: Many (Potential) Endings

Last month, a wrote a little about problem of equifinality. I realized I left the story only half finished, so I decided to write a very short note about the flip side of this. Multifinality is when single cause can lead to many different possible effects. The principle is that similar initial conditions may results […]

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Equifinality; or, All Roads Lead to Rome

Equifinality is a great $10 dollar word; however, I really believe the underlying concept is very important for everyone in the 21st century. The term was coined by Ludwig von Bertalanffy, the founder of General Systems Theory, a biological precursor to modern chaos, complexity, and systems theories. Equifinality is the principle that many different causes, independently, […]

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Beyond the To Do List

Most successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives have well defined goals and almost universally keep their ‘to do’ list and calendar updated to the latest vital task. However, I’ve noticed that the top 2% of peak performers also maintain the following four lists: a stop list, a meet list, a gratitude list, and a ‘what […]

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Sleep and Grow Rich?

In my 20s, I thought a good ‘sequel’ to Napoleon Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich would have been ‘Sleep and Grow Rich’ and it might have even sold more copies (the topics could have included ideas on passive income, long term real estate investing, ‘buy and hold’ stock market strategies, etc.). I know […]

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