Clean Your Desk

Messy Desk
Remember: your desk (or general work area) is not the following:

  • A Filing Cabinet
  • A Bookshelf
  • A Tickler System
  • A Junk Drawer
  • A Trash Can

It should be used for active tasks and project!  Entropy is a strong force and it is much, much easier to spend your energy making messes than it is to clean them up. Some years ago, I would laugh at the saying that “a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.” However, I learned long ago that keeping your workspace tidy really does make one more efficient. If you want to increase your productivity, I highly recommend that keep it free from clutter. Why? Clutter not only is aesthetically displeasing and takes up value space, it prevents one from being as productive as on can be. See my earlier post on the RRAFFT method for a way to process everything on your desk quickly.

As a child, you were often reminded to ‘put away your toys when you were done playing’. When you are done working, clean your desk before going home. File all loose papers in the appropriate folders within your general filing system. Put any books or other reference materials back where they belong. Throw away unneeded items and then forward any needed items to others. Of course, if your work area is not a desk, but a tool shed, then leave the tool shed clean. Try this for 30 days and I think you’ll be convinced that this will improve your workflow and overall productivity.