Time and Money

I often hear people say “time is money” but this really is not true. Time and money are not interchangeable. Time is much more valuable than money!

If you save $100 dollars, you can invest it and watch it grow, doubling, tripling, even becoming worth fifty times the original sum. A $100 saved today can be withdrawn at a later time from a much larger sum due to compound interest.

Time works very differently. Time might be infinite, but it does not grow. One cannot ‘deposit’ your time in an account for a later withdrawal. If you ‘save’ an hour today by completing a task earlier than expected, that time cannot be transferred to another day. Regardless of how much time you save on Monday, the end result will not be a Friday with 25 hours.

The Bottom Line: To be productive, you need to maximize your time each and every day. If an ‘extra’ hour is the result of work well-done, use that hour wisely.