Goals are Minimums, not Limits

My Goals
Many people view their goals like speed limits, as if they exist only at the far edge of possibility. Instead, I think one should view a goal more like a minimum…the very least they will accomplish. For example, a sales team might have the following goals:

  • 10 Million in Sales Volume (annual)
  • 12% Margins

These are not the absolute limits, but the two targets that should be either fully achieved or completely surpassed. Another way to look at this might be:

  • 10 Million in Sales Volume or more
  • 12% Margins or better

When I write my own goal statements, phrases such as “or sooner,” “or something better,” and “or more” often appear at the end. I am flexible and always open to going beyond my original plan. I suggest you consider this when setting goals for 2008.