The Rule of Tens

I am currently writing a new, longer essay on this concept of the Rule of Tens; however, I thought I’d share the bare bones outline as it should clarify a networking problem and a viable answer.

During your lifetime, you’ll meet thousands of people; however, only a small number will become good friends (I use this term loosely to mean both social friends and business contacts) and a critical few of these individuals will greatly impact your life. This will include people such as your best friend, your best employee, or your best customer. I call these people the ‘Vitals’ as they are the ones who influence your life, lifestyle, and livelihood more than anyone else.

1000 Casual Acquaintances > 100 Good Friends > 10 True Vitals

Of course, some people who are outgoing, positive, and authentic will find more good friends and true vitals for every 1000 people…and others will find less. Nevertheless, in general, this Rule of Tens does represent a general rule of networking and relationships. For every 1000 people you meet: 10% will become friends, 1% will become vital.

The Paradox: Any single person you meet could become one of your True Vitals; however, you will not know which ones. This is something that evolves after initial meetings and first impressions. Anyone of a thousand acquaintances could become the key to your success, but exactly who will always be a mystery.

The Solution: Treat everyone you meet as the most important person on the planet. In their mind, they already are. This will insure that you do not accidentally offend or ignore someone who could have been someone wonderful in your own life.