Thanksgiving Redux

Thankful Thanksgiving Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Yesterday, I wrote about Positive Psychology and the new science of Gratitude. Today is Thanksgiving Day in the USA and I wanted to expand on my thoughts.

Traditionally, on Thanksgiving Day, we enjoy a feast of turkey and pumpkin pie, but more important, this holiday represents the one day of the year in modern America which is centered around family and loved ones for the vast majority of the population, regardless of faith, creed, or race.

I encourage you to be thankful in three ways today:

    1. Think It: Embrace the attitude of gratitude. In fact, writing down your thoughts in a journal or a simple list is a good way to start.


    1.  Say It: Tell as many people as you can how thankful you are that they are part of your life.


  1.  Do It: Actions always speak louder than words. Show someone you truly care. Also, do not forget those who are less fortunate than yourself: the hungry and the lonely in our society. This is a good day to reflect on your blessing and consider donating time, talent, and treasure to a local charity.