Life Management Myth

Myth Stamp in Red
Myth: Life Management is about Getting Everything Done in Less Time.

Life management is not about a frenzied existence. A human life is finite and ‘everything’ cannot fit within it. Selection is of critical importance for Life Management.

At one time in my life, I believed the secret to ‘time’ management in this hectic world was simply ‘do more, be quicker’. Although this is a possible approach and I know others who embody this idea in their work, I do not believe it is the best one.

Instead of focusing on quantity, the key is quality! Yes, you want to ‘get things done’ but which things? Everything? Anything? Something? Or Specific, Important Things?

The minutes of the day will pass, regardless of what you choose to do. It could be spent writing 30 pages, writing 3 pages, or writing none at all. Regardless, the day ends at 11:59:59 PM.  There is always more ‘busy’ work than items that will result in important outcomes. Success is often the result of triage. This means that you must actively choose to work on certain projects and then delegate, automate, or eliminate those that have so little a payoff.

You want to complete the right things. You want to focus on those few inputs that will result in the maximum outputs in the shortest amount of time.

Life Management is about completing the Right Projects in the most Efficient Way Possible.