Dreams List

Baby Dreaming

This exercise takes about an hour; however, it is time very well spent. Creating your Dreams List will help clarify many of your life-long objectives. It is a good start to plan the next 30, 40, or 50 years of your life.

The goal is to write down everything you would be, do, or have if there were no obstacles whatsoever from achieving these dreams. Reach deep into your mind. Be creative. Choose possibility thinking during this exercise. Do not allow your censors to edit your idea. Do not judge any dream. Ignore constraints such as time, money, or other commitments. Add your dreams to the list if it is something you truly desire.

First, spend 20 minutes focusing on the Be section. Who do you want to be? Strive to write down 30-50 ideas.

  • An Artist?
  • A Great Parent?
  • The CEO of your own company?
  • An expert on the American Revolutionary War?

Second, spend 20 minutes thinking about the Do section. What would you like to do? Strive to write down 30-50 ideas.

  • Write a book?
  • Travel to Tahiti?
  • Raise a great family?
  • Start a non-profit?

Third, spend the last 20 minutes contemplating on the Have section. What would you like to have? Strive to write down 30-50 ideas.

  • Million Dollar Portfolio?
  • A Castle?
  • A Library of Books?
  • A Sports Car?

Circle what you believe to be the most important be dream, the most important do dream, and most important have dream for the next 12 months. Although the other dreams on your list are significant and many will become part of your life at later times (and, some may not, but life is too short to do everything), these three primary dreams should be added to your life goals list immediately as these have meaning to you.