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Triangular Theory of Productivity

Reading Time: 2 minutesAlthough some of the techniques I’ve discussed, such as serial tasking, can be very helpful to get the right things done in a very efficient manner, these are not enough by themselves. I hope this model is helpful for thinking about your professional life. Imagine an equilateral triangle, one where all three sides are the same length […]

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The MetaGoal

Reading Time: 2 minutesSome people do not have any goals whatsoever and drift through life. Some people have vague goals, but they are not written down. Some people have written goals; nevertheless, they never act upon these set goals. You are different. Question: how likely are you to hit a bull’s-eye if you cannot see the target? Clearly […]

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Serial Tasking

Reading Time: 2 minutesInstead of Multitasking, I’d like to propose a better method: Serial Tasking. This is a great way to insure you focus on important, high-level tasks.The Serial Tasking Rules Before doing anything else, write down a ‘To Do’ List for the day. Include on this list even small items such as checking voice mail, reading email, etc. […]

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Multitasking is Not Effective

Reading Time: 2 minutes“To do two things at once is to do neither.” – Publilius Syrus Although folk-wisdom for many years has been that doing many things at the same time is good way to tackle a number of tasks, it turns out that this is not true. Let’s look at the problem from both a philosophical (logic) […]

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