Serial Tasking

Multitasking Throne

Instead of Multitasking, I’d like to propose a better method: Serial Tasking. This is a great way to insure you focus on important, high-level tasks.The Serial Tasking Rules

  1. Before doing anything else, write down a ‘To Do’ List for the day. Include on this list even small items such as checking voice mail, reading email, etc.
  2. Review that list and rank all your tasks from the highest priority to lowest priority.
  3. If all other things are equal and you have two items on your list that have an equal priority, put the one you dislike first and the more enjoyable activity after it.
  4. Start with your most important task. Do not stop working on it, especially for minor interruptions like coffee breaks, phone calls, or social visits. The key is to focus only on that one task. If it is possible to do so, complete it before starting anything else on the list. If there is a constraint, focus on this task until you have taken it as far as humanly possible before moving to the next task.
  5. Repeat Rule 4 with the very next important task.                                     

Begin Serial Tasking Today

I dare you to take the Serial Tasking Challenge! Stop being the King or Queen of Multitasking as busyness is not the best solution for business. Serial Tasking will allow you to accomplish more by focusing on the truly important tasks first. If you try these rules for 30 days, I am certain you will become a believer.