The MetaGoal

Dart Hitting Bull's-eye

Some people do not have any goals whatsoever and drift through life.
Some people have vague goals, but they are not written down.
Some people have written goals; nevertheless, they never act upon these set goals.

You are different.

Question: how likely are you to hit a bull’s-eye if you cannot see the target?

Clearly defined and written goals are one of the best tool’s to become extremely productive! Goals are like kerosene thrown on a flame as tremendous energy is released when they are central part of your own life. You can be, do, or have anything you desire; however, you must put some work into the process. You need to focus, think, and decide who you are and what you want. And then act in a way which allows one to achieve those milestones.

Fact: any road will lead you there, if you do not care where you are going or how long it will take.

I am sure you know friend or family member who will invest many weeks into researching their new car, but only a few minutes to consider their own journey on the road of life. Many people spent vast amounts of time, money, and thought on planning a beautiful wedding, but forget to design an amazing life together.

Who should have goals? Individuals, couples, families, and any organizations which would like to achieve significant results.

Introducing the Metagoal

Metafiction is fiction about the underpinnings of fiction. Likewise, metaresearch is research into how research functions. What is the Metagoal? Most simply, this can be defined as the (life) goal to have other (life) goals.

If you want to have a productive, successful life, I highly suggest you make the metagoal a starting point.