Why PMA Matters!

Focus On Positive Mental Attitude

Some people claim that attitude is everything. I personally disagree with the sheer rhetoric of that statement; nevertheless, a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is vital ingredient for true success and a trait you should seek out in friends, co-workers, clients, customers, and contractors.

Although PMA does not work like a magical spell, it is powerful catalyst for achievement. PMA alone may not allow you to do ANYTHING by itself, but it will enhance the output of everything you do.

Let me illustrate what I mean with this thought exercise. Suppose you moved to a new city and you were looking for a new Accountant, Mechanic, and Doctor. Here are the three main traits I would argue that you should seek:

  • High Competence: You would want a professional who has the training and skills to complete the job right the first time.
  • High Integrity: You would want a professional who is 100% honest and authentic with you and self-authentic as well.
  • High PMA: You would want a professional who is open-minded and optimistic, an individual that desires to find new solutions to tough problems. A person that believes in possibilities.

If I had a serious health issue, I would want a Doctor that has a healthy PMA. I would want to hear about other success stories, about my potential options, even alternative or experimental treatments. I would not want someone to just give me the ‘odds of survival’. The same holds true for my mechanic, accountant, and all the other professionals on whom I rely for expert advice and help.
Although individuals that have high integrity and high competence that possess a negative worldview can provide great service and solutions, they are also likely to dismiss some options as non-viable due to their attitude.

This is why PMA Matters. It is the milieu for solutions.