Have a Blue-tiful Day

Blue Sky with Clouds

I believe that:

  1. Everyone is a Teacher.
  2. Everyone is a Student.

As a result, I’m often given wonderful lessons by a wide variety of people, often at unexpected times.

My good friend Phil Gerbyshak has been actively campaigning that people stop “having a nice day” for years. Instead, he suggests that you Make It Great! (he even wrote a book by the same title).

I wholeheartedly have supported this cause because life is too short for merely nice.

A decade ago, I was taught an excellent morning greeting which I think easily fits into this philosophy by my friend Sarah, a very creative artist, writer, and perhaps, a future Veterinarian. Instead of sayings “Have a Beautiful Day” she tells others to “Have a Bluetiful Day,” a phrase she coined herself. At the time, Sarah was busily focusing on her studies within the second-grade as she was seven years old; nevertheless, there is great wisdom to be found within her blended analogy. Think of all the wonderful days in your life when you have noticed that there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky…reflect on those warm spring afternoons when the sun shone brightly while the outstretched blue sky dared you to smile wide.

So, tomorrow, promise me that you’ll listen closer to the words of children (remember, everyone is a teacher) and that you will indeed Have a Bluetiful Day.