The Five Productivity Choices

Productivity Choices

Productivity is the result of five basic choices.

  1. Starting a new activity:This means beginning a new habit, goal, or project to your life, such as a new exercise program.
  2. Stopping a current activity:This means completely eliminating a habit, goal, or project, such as television viewing. This step can be difficult but much needed to reach the next level.
  3. Doing less of a current activity: Reducing the frequency and duration of lower-level (yet necessary) tasks is a great way to give yourself more time for to focus on higher-level tasks.
  4. Doing more of a current activity: High output tasks should get the maximum portion of your time.
  5. Modifying a current activity: By improving the methodology of a certain task or by simply altering the timeframe (e.g. shifting your exercise time from late afternoon to early morning) can be very worthwhile. Sometimes, a small change can increase your productivity.