Learn to Say No

Just Say No
Two-Year old children quickly learn how to employ this powerful word: NO! Some individuals retain this ability from childhood through their elder years; yet, for many adults, saying Yes is easier than No. People want to please managers, direct reports, clients, friends, mates, and children.

Why not just be a nice person and always respond with an affirmative? The problem is that time is limited. You only have 168 hours per week and that includes all the hours that you spend sleeping. You cannot agree to everything or you simply will not be able to focus on those activities that are essential for your life to be authentic and successful. This two-letter word is a great Life Mastery tool if wielded correctly.

Of course, screaming NOOOOOOO is usually unwise for the majority of situations. Instead, you must practice this art until you learn to decline in a tactful and polite manner. When you feel it is necessary, do provide sound reasons for your refusal as this can help.