Are you an Infovore?

Digitial Information

2016 is almost half over so I have a few questions for you.

  1. Have you been eating your vegetables? I recommend 5 or more a day.
  2. Just as important, I am curious if you have been enjoying a diet of superior, practical information?

Human beings are driven to hunt, gather, and consume information. It is our nature to digest as much data as possible throughout our lifespan. Even the smallest child is always hungry for more and more knowledge. We are infovores!

The good news is that there is more high-quality information available for our neural-palettes than ever before in human history. The bad news is there is more informational noise and garbage (often mislabeled as entertainment) that will ravage your brain in the same way high doses of sugary, fatty, and salty foods would impact your body.

You must design a systematic program for your personal mission of hunting and gathering information. Choose the best books, magazines, movies, TV, and music. Engage in conversations with worthy peers, good friends, and loving family. Actively decide what ideas are deposited within your mind on a daily basis.

On other words, I suggest you become a systematic infovore and devour a very selective diet of the highest quality and most relevant information for your way of life.