Six Timeframes for Goals

Both Long Term and Short Term Goals

Just having one set of goals for each individual year is not enough. You should have goals over diverse time spans to achieve successful short-term and long-term planning. Here are the six time frames that I suggest:

  • Quarterly Goals
  • Annual Goals
  • 3-Year Goals
  • 5-Year Goals
  • 10-Year Goals
  • 20-Year Goals

Although you might have special targets for a day (change the oil in your car) or for a month (lose 5 pounds by the 30th), these really should be viewed as part of projects or sub-goals. Most significant goals will take 90-day or longer to achieve. Do not sell yourself short by setting small goals.

By having goals across all these different time spans will help you organize your life. For example, when you are 19, the goal to become a multi-millionaire is probably not realistic for a mere 3 months, but certainly could be part of 20-year goal plan.