How to Improve Your Life in Three Steps

Step Check List
An argument can be made that a good life is one that maximizes the number of meaningful moments; yet, our life span is finite. This cannot be achieved by simply adding more. Just as a glass of water has a certain capacity, the same is true with your schedule. The only way to fill a glass of water with more water is to first remove some. Likewise, it is often the case that an old tasks need to be removed in order to add something new.

Step 1: Ruthless Removal

When adding a new re-occurring task, seek to eliminate another item of lesser value. For example, if you plan to begin a new hobby like martial arts, you will need to remove low-quality items, such as watching TV or reading pulp novels, to give yourself more time for lessons and practice.

Step 2: Thoughtful Selection

Time is short. This means you should seek the best in everything you do. This will not happen without forethought. Be Selective!! It is necessary to be proactive and plan to eat the best food, read the great books, and spend time doing the most interesting things. Also, do not forget to share your time with wonderful people.

Step 3: Review & Repeat

Make this a quarterly or annual exercise.