You are a Human Becoming!


The Pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus is famous for this epigram: one never steps in the same river twice. Heraclitus viewed the cosmos as a place of constant flow and flux, continual change and transformation. A river, from one point of view, is a static entity. Yet, as Heraclitus argues, from moment to moment, with the current, new water is replacing the old water at any single point, and the old river ceases to be, replaced by a new river.

Of course, rivers are just a proxy for thinking about people. It is common to consider ourselves as human beings; however, we are so much more. We are human becomings. First, over our lifespan, an individual grows from an infant to a child to an adult to a senior. Each of these development stages is tied to changes of body and mind. Second, like the river, you continually engage with the flow of life with new information, problems, ideas, projects, goals, relationships, etc.

Unfortunately, some people go through life, merely pushed by the strong ‘currents’ of circumstance and while they do change over time, they have little control over what they become. This path is not for you. Instead, choose to be the captain of your own ship and steer towards the next port. Actively choose what you want to be next. Become something better, be it smarter, stronger, happier, or wiser than you were yesteryear. Transcend and take charge of your own transformation, whatever that may be for you. Remember: You are a Human Becoming!